What brings you joy?

Do you have to compromise your health and budget in order to do the things you love?  At The Whole Plate, we believe in letting go of some of the things you don’t want to do in order to make room for the things that truly lift your soul. On those days where you don’t feel like cooking, don’t.  We’re here to help. 



To serve wholesome and delicious ready-to-eat meals at an affordable price so that people can cook when they want to, not when they have to.



A community where everyone has the time to do what they love.





You can have all the money in the world, but if you don’t have the time to spend it, what is it really worth?


At The Whole Plate, we believe that time is the ultimate currency.  For that reason, we encourage shifting the focus from monetary accumulation to days well spent. Whether it’s time invested outdoors, reading a book or laughing with loved ones, our goal is to give you the choice to do more of what you love when you simply don’t want to cook.

To us, if every moment represents a transaction with the universe, the most important question should be: what kind of value are you getting per breath?



We believe feeling good is about more than just physical health.


At The Whole Plate, we value and uplift the whole being  – the mental, physical and spiritual elements that comprise the total self.  We also recognize the inherent differences between us. As much as we are all the same, one person’s meat can really be another person’s poison.  Whether it’s diet, activities or spiritual practices, we don’t label and we certainly don’t judge.  Our aim is to help you get to your vision of happy, healthy and whole with the delicious food we serve and the inspiring culture we breathe.



Black or white.  Good or bad.  Perfect or flawed.


At The Whole Plate, we recognize extremes but know that life happens in the space in between.  We believe in grey areas, the perfections of inevitable imperfections and that salad and cake can co-exist and (yes!) even be friends.  We celebrate the connection in honesty, the growth in vulnerability and the humor in reality. To us, it’s about doing our best today and being better than yesterday – it’s as real as that.